The Top 5 Advantages of Untappd for Business

Grace Lee-Weitz
Post by Grace Lee-Weitz
February 1, 2022
The Top 5 Advantages of Untappd for Business

When searching for the best menu tool for your business, there are plenty of options out there. With so many services available to you, how do you know which is the best fit for your business?

While Untappd for Business certainly isn’t the only platform out there, it does have a few distinct advantages. Our digital tool allows you to create print, digital, or QR code menus and share them with the world’s largest community of beer enthusiasts.

Using our database of over 3,000,000 beers, you can quickly build a menu for your establishment that you can publish to your website, digital menus, Facebook, and the Untappd app. Leveraging QR codes and well-designed custom contactless print and digital menus helps you create a safe environment for your customers and staff.

Most importantly, with Untappd for Business, you can easily track the most popular beers in your area and stay up to date with the latest beer trends. Understanding your customers’ purchase behaviors will help you make strategic customer engagement and inventory decisions.

Plus, you’ll boost your bottom line and increase your sales by maximizing your inventory visibility online to drive new customers to your venue.

With Untappd for Business, you have access to an immense world-class beer database, robust analytics, and custom digital and print menus. All in one powerful tool. Let’s take a deeper look at the top five advantages of using Untappd for Business.

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Here Are The Top 5 Advantages to Using Untappd for Business

#1. A Database with Millions of Users and 3 Million Beers

Untappd user scrolling thew beer reviews at brewery

Untappd is the world’s largest social networking platform for craft beer fans, period. With over nine million registered users, we reach a dedicated audience in countries around the globe. 

You can search the app on your phone to get a sense of the number of reviews, but ultimately our user base is unparalleled with millions of folks tuned in. Other tools reach much smaller audiences, around tens of thousands of users at best. 

We also boast over three million beers in our database. Eighty-five percent of those brewers in the U.S. actively manage and update their beers on Untappd. 

This means we have access to the most accurate and robust beer data available. 

#2. In-Depth Reporting with Robust Analytics and Data

Untappd for Business analytics and check-in dashboard

Analyzing local beer trends and customer purchase habits will be the best way to boost your bottom line.

As an Untappd for Business customer, you have access to a wealth of detailed information and analytics.

Dive into your local scene to discover top-selling beers along with what’s trending and the hottest styles. Or dig deeper into your customer base to understand their drinking and purchase habits. Lastly, leverage analytics to track and grow your return on investment and drive decisions to increase your revenue.

Accessing this live, local data will help you gain insight into your business that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll be able to make better, strategic business decisions based on the data we collect for you as an Untappd for Business customer.

For example, the Untappd app has a unique social feature that allows people to “check-in” their beer. A check-in is essentially a virtual record someone makes on their profile to show they drank a certain beer. Because our users check-in beers when they drink them (a function only available on Untappd), we can track local beer trends as well as how many of our users are coming in and buying beers from your business.

This feature provides the true number of active users in your area, where other services may only tell you how many people follow your menu or how many impressions those menus generate.

Oftentimes if someone only follows your business on a platform or visits your menu on an app, that doesn’t necessarily translate to a purchase. With Untappd for Business, every check-in on your Untappd page translates to an actual beer purchased and consumed at your venue and then shared on our app.

Untappd focuses on actual revenue produced for our partners. Not just mysterious eyeballs on your page. We proudly display your check-in volume and number of subscribers that you have at a given time. To us, this indicates true value—and means we remain fully transparent about the ROI we’re driving for you.

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#3: Competitive Pricing

Even with a more robust toolkit, Untappd for Business almost always comes in at a lower price than other platforms. Oftentimes our competitors will charge extra depending on what tools you want to use.

With Untappd for Business, you’re getting an all-inclusive platform. And you’ll only pay one flat rate to access all of our tools.

#4. Easily Create Print and Digital Menus

We have a robust, well-designed selection of print menus and digital boards. Easily build your menu with our database of over two million beers, including descriptions, styles, and more. You can even broadcast a digital beer menu at your establishment to your TV or other any other type of digital display device with an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Digital beer menus save time and attract interest. If you’re still updating chalkboards or toggling between different platform interfaces, or you’re just ready to ditch the paper menus, our digital beer menu solution is just what your business needs. Save time and drive customer engagement online with digital beer menus.

A digital beer menu created by Untappd for Business app

But how do I decide whether paper or digital menus are best for my business?

Our platform keeps all of your menus consistent across Untappd, your website, Facebook, and your TV.

No matter the size of your business, Untappd for Business can help drive customer engagement and create a unique guest experience. Discover how venues like HopCat, Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, and P.J. Whelihan’s have increased their presence and brand loyalty with Untappd for Business.

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#5: Get Started Designing Your Own Custom Menu Today

Untappd for Business QR code tent card on bar table

Implementing Safe, Contactless QR Codes

In a post-COVID world, customers are increasingly demanding contactless, digital experiences.

Easy-to-use and touchless, QR code menus allow customers to view your most up-to-date menu with their device.

Now, within Untappd for Business, all it takes is a few clicks to create QR code menus for all of your menu items: beer, food, wine, cocktails. QR codes can be downloaded for digital use, printed on custom marketing materials, or embedded on easily customized printable menus or posters, all within one simple interface.

Current Untappd for Business customers like Cheesie’s Pub & Grub and Eureka! Restaurants have found immense success leveraging this feature.

Providing QR code menus helps their customers feel safe and reduces the time and resources required for them to update their menus.

Untappd app user scrolling through beer reviews with QR code menu scan

With QR code menus, there’s no need to constantly update, distribute, or sanitize menus. Meaning you can easily keep customers up-to-date with your menu selection, creating a positive customer experience.

Plus, these digital codes can be created in just a few clicks. And our in-house team can help design them to make them fit your brand.

Need help getting started? See step-by-step video instructions.

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Grace Lee-Weitz
Post by Grace Lee-Weitz
February 1, 2022
Grace is the Managing Editor for Hop Culture and Untappd. She also organizes and produces the largest weeklong women in craft beer festival in the country, Beers With(out) Beards and the first-ever festival celebrating the colorful, vibrant voices in the queer community in craft beer, Queer Beer. An avid craft beer nerd Grace always found a way to work with beer. After graduating with a journalism degree from Northwestern University, she attended culinary school before working in restaurant management. She moonlighted as a brand ambassador at 3 Sheeps Brewing Co on the weekends before moving into the beer industry full time as an account coordinator at 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. Grace holds her Masters degree in the Food Studies program at NYU.