The Top 8 Digital Menus Designs of Untappd for Business

Giovanni Albanese
Post by Giovanni Albanese
February 1, 2024
The Top 8 Digital Menus Designs of Untappd for Business
When was the last time you went to a restaurant, bar, taproom, or brewery tasting room and didn’t have a menu? That’s probably never happened. Menus are an integral part of the customer experience, telling you what’s available to order. But more than an ordering tool, menus—both digital and print—give an establishment the opportunity to showcase its brand. 
An all-encompassing digital beverage platform, Untappd for Business feeds into the over 3,000,000-beer Untappd database, allowing any Verified Venue food/beverage facility to swiftly build a print, digital, or QR code menu to share with craft beer enthusiasts.
Additionally, the robust Untappd for Business tool provides easy access to data on the most popular beers in your region and recent industry trends, guiding decisions on which beer to stock or brew for your customers.
With Untappd for Business, you can access a world-class beer database, receive top-notch analytics, and create digital and print menus that will set your brand up for success.  

What Are the Advantages of Digital Menus?

Untappd Director of Product Management Anthony Fuger says using digital menus is essential for businesses to showcase their brand cohesively online and in person.

“Digital menus provide patrons an easy-to-read visual of what is available at your business right now,” Fuger says. “Since Untappd for Business leverages our database of over three million beers, it takes seconds to add a beer to a menu and saves customers time so they can focus on other more important tasks.”

Additionally, digital menus allow for a wide array of customization, with over twenty templates and the ability to situate your menu on a portrait or horizontal TV screen, covering virtually every need a business could need in a menu.

“There are nearly unlimited combinations to help find the right look and feel for any business,” Fuger says. “From adding business logos to the top of a digital menu to customizing the size, font, and color of every part of an item or section on a menu, to adding GIFs for background images or ad slides.”

Fuger includes, “With Untappd for Business, as soon as you add your beer to the platform, it is instantly available everywhere.”

With all those options, it can take some time to perfect the menu for your brand. But the work you put in is well worth it.

“I think taking the time to design a menu that works with the theme and decor of your business is very important,” Untappd Senior Graphic Designer Derek Campos says. “It makes a bar, restaurant, or brewery appear to really care about their brand and, by extension, their offerings and service.”

But Campos also says to be mindful of colors, too.

“Keep colors basic and only use bolder colors as highlights. Also, avoid harsh neon colors, and maybe instead of using one hundred percent black or white, use a dark gray or beige,” Campos says. “Consumers are looking for a drink, not a headache.”

Choose from a variety of built-in design options, or take advantage of our FREE custom design of online and print menus. We’ve worked with a variety of establishments, from HopCat to Cheesie’s Pub & Grub to P.J. Whelihan’s, to develop custom menus that fit each of these brands.

Your Menu In Minutes!

Untappd for Business’ Top Eight Digital Menus

Below are several of our top digital menu designs, presented in no particular order.

Mille Et Une Bières Amiens

Mille Et Une Bières Amiens - Untappd for Business digital menu

Fuger calls Mille Et Une Bieres Amiens menu one of the more playful boards he’s come across.
“It showcases support of GIFs, which was recently released,” Fuger says. “Also [the menu has] good use of emojis and background images.”

Driftwood Grille

Driftwood Grille - Digital menu using Untappd for Business

Driftwood Grille is another fun one, Fuger says, highlighting the use of a new feature added to the customization: header images.

Infamous Brewing Company

Infamous Brewing Company - Digital beer and food menu using Untappd for Business

In addition to putting all their beer on their menu, Infamous Brewing also features an easy-to-read food menu, “leveraging all of our non-beer products,” he says.
“The background image is also a GIF that changes every so often: very nice,” Fuger adds.

Centraal Grand Café & Tappery

Centraal Grand Café & Tappery - Vertical digital beer menu created using Untappd for Business

Centraal Grand Café & Tappery takes a clean, vertical approach when creating its digital menu. Campos feels menus like these highlight what makes for a great visual experience for the customer.
“Simplicity and legibility are important elements of a digital menu,” Campos says. “Don't use five colors when three will do, and cut out [information] you don't need; if you're not a beer-driven establishment, you can leave off the IBUs, for example.”
Fuger also points out that Centraal Grand Café uses the announcement feature “to let customers know what’s up.”

Longbridge Pizza

Longbridge Pizza - A vertical digital beer menus built using Untappd for Business

Longbridge Pizza is another example of a simple vertical approach to its digital menu, which Campos prefers. 
“They're not as common, and maybe that’s why [I’m partial to this look],” he says. “You don't see that all the time, and I think that makes it fun.”

The Old Mine Cider Company

The Old Mine Cider Company - Digital signage menu using Untappd for Business

Fuger’s favorite digital menu, The Old Mine Cider Company utilizes rounded labels and has excellent placement of their ciders and cocktails. .
“Their menus feature large, easy-to-read headers, customized iconography, and colorful sections to help make the menu engaging and themed around their brand,” Fuger says. “Old Mine has even customized the label image on each item on their menu to make it truly theirs.”

JAKL Beer Works

JAKL Beer Works - Digital beer menu powered by Untappd for Business

JAKL took a KISS—keep it simple stupid—approach to their menu, and it works. Their table template format and use of just a few colors make it easy to look at and, more importantly, read. The background logo is a nice touch, as well.

Stone Tower Brews – Bridgeport

Stone Tower Brews – Bridgeport - Digital menu powered by Untappd for Business

Fuger notes that Stone Tower Brews has a solid approach to its color coordination.
“The sections are easy to distinguish and read,” he says. “And they feature a nice header image.”

Ready to build your ultimate menu?

Design your beer and food menus and publish them anywhere! Print, QR code, or digital signage - the possibilities are endless with Untappd for Business!

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Giovanni Albanese
Post by Giovanni Albanese
February 1, 2024
Giovanni is a content writer for Next Glass, contributing to the Ollie blog. He is a writer by day and a brewer/business owner by night, owning and operating Settle Down Brewery & Taproom in Gilroy, California. Giovanni is passionate about a number of things, including history, documentaries and sports, but none more than reporting/writing and brewing beer. After receiving a radio broadcasting degree then a journalism degree from Salem State College in his home state of Massachusetts, he relocated to California in 2008. Then, his writing career kicked off – covering sports, business, politics and more along the way – while concurrently dabbling in home brewing. The home brewing turned pro in 2021 when he launched SDB Brewing Company. Settle Down Beer officially opened in February.